" Cobins & Hobbitats"

To see videos of the project, click on the titles that are underlined. 

Inside the Gingerbread Hut

Rocket Stove inside the Pallet Hut

Pachamama on Ganesh Hut

Inside the Pallet Hut, Petaluma

Pallet Cob Hut, Middletown

Cob writing studio, Sebastopol

Gingerbread Hut, Geyserville

Mushroom Hut Damanhur

Cob Over Wooden Shed, Petaluma

Inside the mobile Gingerbread Hut

Shower and bathroom at Hobbit Cobin

Cob Over Shed, Ashland

Inside the Hobbit Hut, Heated Bed

Cordwood Hut, San Francisco

Inside the "Cobthedral" 

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