Earth Art Therapy
Opportunities to participate in
Earthen Building projects to enhance mental physical & spiritual health.

Natural building can be incredibly therapeutic for so many reasons. The process of helping to build an Earthen structure with others can provide long-lasting feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment. People of all walks of life from young children, disabled, elderly, mentally challenged individuals, people with addictions, and people with chronic pain can all benefit from the myriad of healing properties of natural building.

We would like to offer Earthen building to homeless people as a way for them to help overcome from some of their emotional, mental disorders, while helping to construct their own houses and other earthen structures.

We would also like to start working with therapists who have clients suffering from depression from a lack of purpose and provide a fulfilling activity.

Here is a video featuring Miguel talking about his philosophy of Earth Art Therapy

Proven Benefits of EARTHERAPY

  • Provides a healthy sense of satisfaction.
  • Working with the earth with bare hands & feet can be deeply grounding and therapeutic.
  • Working with others can break the cycle of isolation while building community.
  • Teaches skills that can generate an income.
  • Offers the chance to construct their own home.
  • Encourages artistic creativity and Imagination.

Types of Services Offered

  • Make adobe bricks using local material Build earthen ovens
  • Benches & small huts Sculpt tress and other shapes on walls
    make saunas
  • Meditation & massage rooms.