Cob Classrooms and Oven at the PARC

Sebring, FL

We built four classrooms for the Academy at the PARC. The classrooms are to serve about 30 children ages 6 to 14. Since they are used for educational purposes and on property zone for agriculture permits were not required to build these. We have spoken to a structural engineer about having these designed to meet building codes so they could become legally habitable.

Cob Oven & Pizza Canal at the Backyard of FADED restaurant

Sebring, FL

We built a beautiful cob oven and wall with a large cob canal which floats pizzas around in a big circle, similar to a large sushi bar. The first of its kind at a restaurant.

Outdoor Kitchen in the Redwoods of Mendocino

Mendocino, CA

We worked with the local community to build a cob oven with benches wrapped around. We encased an existing wooden structure with cob and sculpted decorative trees on the walls.

Cobba the Hut

Santa Rosa, CA

This Palletable Cobin was built in the backyard of Michael and Jen. We built this hut with the help of the family in a backyard. They use it now for yoga and meditation.



This cobin was built on a beautiful farm in Occidental and is used as a guest house. It was built using pallets, insulated with straw, covered in an Earthen plaster.

The Jewel Cobin

Bloomfild, CA

This was a collaborative effort between the owners of the property, their children and neighbors. We built a cobin which is now used as a healing sanctuary for private plant medicine retreats.

The Phoenix Cobin

Santa Rosa, CA

We built this cobin for a family who had lost their beautiful home in one of the large fire in California. They wanted an earthen structure in their backyard which wouldn’t burn, as cob is resistant to fire.


Oakland, CA

Living Earth Structures lead the construction of this plaza to serve the residents of the Wood St homeless encampment under the freeway in Oakland. We built a community kitchen, showers, a composting toilet, clinic, free store and sleeping cobins. We also had a cob oven and a pizza moat canal.

Many volunteers and some of the residents of the camp came out to help with the construction. The project received lots of media attention with many news outlets reporting about it. Many City officials believed that this was an excellent model of super low cost building and expressed interest in adopting this technique of building.

Cob Oven and Heated Bench in Petaluma

Petaluma, CA

We built this oven in a backyard in Petaluma. It features a heated bench and tub using the fire below the oven to heat them through a metal pipe under the bench and tub. It also has a copper tube embedded into the oven for instant hot water.

The “Cobzebo” in Cotati

Cotati, CA

This was an outdoor kitchen gathering space with 2 ovens built which we called Twin Flames. One was for cooking vegan, gluten free pizzas, and the other was for anything goes…

The “Cobthedral”

Santa Rosa, CA

We built this little backyard temple with a family in the backyard. The children use it for practicing their instruments and the parents use it for meditation.

The Hobbit Haven at the Solar Living Center

Hopland, CA

This cobin was built as a vacation rental in the middle of a pollinator garden at a sustainable living demonstration center in Hopland, CA. We got engineered drawings to have these built to code, however we decided not to use the drawings, but they do exist for future projects.

The Writing Cobin


This cobin was built for John who was writing a book and needed a nice round space to help spark his creativity.

The Hobbit Cobin in Petaluma

Petaluma, CA

These were built as a guest house in a backyard . The structures include a bathroom/shower, a sleeping space and a kitchenette.

The Cobins on a Farm in Sebastopol


These two cobins were built as a kitchen and a sleeping space.

Hobbit House and Gingerbread House at Isis Oasis

Isis Oasis

These cobins were constructed at a retreat center and have been used for vacation rentals. The first was made with adobe bricks, and the second with pallets.

Butterfly Social Club


This was an organic nightclub built in downtown Chicago. All the benches, tables and DJ booth were sculpted out of cob.

Yoga Now Yoga Studio


We took an existing brick building and sculpted cob benches, trees and a meditation dome. We applied an earthen plaster on the walls that were insulated with denim cotton.

Waldorf School


This was a school built with adobe, strawbale and cob in Patagonia, Argentina. This project was the first of many houses built out of natural materials in this village of El Bolson.

Los Abrazos Restaurant


We sculpted an Eagle and a Condor Oven for a Mayan lady for her restaurant in San Marcos. Additionally, we sculpted a Pachamama bench, and a large Quetzalquattl bench.