We offer a wide range of services from building backyard ovens, huts and leading workshops. We also work with students of all ages to build structures that will provide long lasting use and satisfaction. 
Wood-fired cob ovens 

We specialize in building custom made wood fired ovens which are fantastic for cooking pizzas in just a couple minutes, breads, veggies and other culinary delights. The ovens can be decoratively sculpted or plain in design according to the to the taste of our clients.  Wrap around benches can also be built around the oven to provide a comfortable place to sit while the food is in the oven.

Workshops and building in schools

We offer natural building workshops to give people an opportunity to learn how to build while meeting other folks in the process.  We also work with students of all ages to build ovens, benches and small huts in their school grounds,  Natural building can also be a form of Earth Art Therapy to assist people with various mental health disorders. 

Building "Hobbitats" 

We build small backyard huts using our unique design.  The structures can be built to code or as unpermitted backyard storage sheds or play structures.  The structures we build are usually about 120 sq ft but they can be made larger as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's) complete with a bathroom, kitchen and electricity. 

We invite the owner to be involved in the design and building process. 

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